Off The Mat and Into Your Life….

I’ve been thinking a lot these past weeks about what yoga is when it is not asana (postures) and I realised that while I am definitely missing moving and flowing on my mat, I certainly don’t feel as though I am not ‘doing’ yoga. So I thought I would share a few ways in which you can integrate yoga into your day to day life, so that, eventually, yoga IS your life and life IS your yoga.

1. SIT ~ Get off those chairs and get down low. Sitting cross-legged is the best yoga homework you can do between classes. Remember to sit on a blanket if your back is uncomfortable or rounding but start opening those hips. Virtually all your postural work and your sitting meditation will benefit from this practice.

2. BREATHE – Having a wee. Waiting for the kettle to boil. Sitting in traffic. Don’t waste that precious time. Turn it into a gift. Turn your attention to your breath. Become curious. Note its quality. Begin to follow its rhythm. Make it conscious and begin to slow and deepen it. Lose yourself in breathing until the lights change or the pasta has boiled then go on your way.

3. MOVE – Keep your body fluid. Roll out your mat and step on it with intention. Only got 5 minutes? A few conscious cat/cow rounds or seated arm raises on the breath and you’re good to go.

4. NOTICE – Be mindful. Sharpen your senses. Smell the rain on the pavement as you walk to work. Listen to the wind, to the early morning birds. Feel the warmth of your morning tea mug against your hands. Notice the way the light filters through the clouds. Go outside and bathe under the moon. Supercharge yourself and notice everything. Miss nothing. Don’t let life slip by un-noticed 🕉