Moon Power – Go With The Flow

Have you noticed disturbed sleep over the past couple of nights? I have woken and re-woken and woken again, restless energy surging under my skin, unable to contain the powerful yearning. There is a silver thread, gossamer and strong, and it is pulling my heart, tugging on my soul. Because there is something going on. Something epic. Something cosmic. That big ol’ moon might have been obscured by clouds for much of the month here in the Lake District, but boy can I feel its presence. Of course, this is a big one. Full, blue, super and, for many lucky people, eclipsed. That’s one energy-ball of a moon working its magic on us out there.

It is not difficult to see why in every culture, throughout history, there have been myths, superstitions and stories about the moon. Countless songs and poems have attempted to capture the mesmerising beauty of our celestial neighbour. But I like to go further, celebrating a personal relationship with the moon, which like any relationship has developed over time and benefited from an investment of love, interest, time and energy.  I am intrinsically connected to her; in my own cycles, in my intention setting and creativity and in the understanding she teaches of the ebb and flow of life. Sometimes good times, sometimes hard times. Sometimes laughter, sometimes tears. Times of planting seeds, times of harvesting.

Times of energy and productivity, times of withdrawal and recharging. All that is needed is a curiosity and some vigilance and mother moon will heap sweet, simple wisdom on you. The simple act of befriending the moon, of looking up each evening, of learning her paths through the sky, the times of her rising, the waxing and waning, can teach you so much about your own life’s path. How wonderful to be able to let go of the sense that everything should be a certain way, all the time. How much sorrow do we generate for ourselves by trying to grasp and cling to the happy times, the times of emotional joy and abundance? When things are going the way we want them. But life isn’t supposed to be like that, linear and static.

There is a constant element of change. Of growth and death, development and learning, giving and receiving. There will be periods when creativity stalls, security flounders, storms throw you off course. And there will be times of calm, when everything you touch turns to gold and your greatest intentions simply flow in an easy stream of abundance. Embrace it all. The hippies had it right, after all – go with the flow. And let our mother moon take your hand and walk that messy, joyful, mountainous, unpredictable flow of life with you.

‘Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being’ – Rumi