Moon, Mood, Magic

Another full moon shines down on my little corner of the world. For years I have tracked its phases with love and interest – I feel a little lost, a little dislocated if I lose it for too long. If the thick, grey cloud obscures it night after night or my busyness keeps me from stepping outside, last thing at night, to touch the thread that joins me to it. Like for Rumi it fills my head with dreamy metaphor, leaving me awash with awe and wonder.

Yet there is more. There is a grounding. A centering. For up there, in all her silent, shape-changing glory, the moon remains a constant, as reliable in that change as we are in our own fluctuating moods. We’re human. Our moods change daily. Sometimes moment to moment. We have no right or wrong mood. Just some we deem ‘good’ and others ‘bad’. All we ever have is what is manifesting in that moment, whatever reaction we are experiencing to our thoughts, conscious or subconscious, right here right now. Good moods please us; we try to hang on to happiness and joy, the upsurge of excitement or contentment and feel crushed when it ebbs away, disappointed. But the ebbing is okay. So are the myriad feelings at the other end of the mood line. It is all part of the human experience and, like our mentor the moon, it is ever changing.

Take heart in the process, in the certainty of the movement, the phases. Sit tight, hold close your every experience with tenderness ready to let it move on through of its own accord, breathe, and eventually your mood will change. You will move on, wax and wane. The clouds will part and peace and light will flood through again.

It never wasn’t there.

Obscured by unhelpful thinking and negative frames of mind. Yes.

But always there, waiting for the clouds of your mind to clear.

‘Put your thoughts to sleep, do not let them cast a shadow over the moon of your heart. Let go of thinking’ – Rumi