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Two years ago I was introduced to doTERRA

After having used shop-bought essential oils for many years, I was simply blown away by the quality of the doTERRA oils. I had never used anything like them and immediately ditched all my old ones. The aroma + potency of these oils was worlds away from what I had been using previously, so strong and so pure I couldn’t believe the powerful, healing effect they had on me. I became intensely curious about this company and began to research them and everything I discovered thrilled me. Was it really possible for such a global company to operate on such profoundly human and compassionate values and to be so authentic, grounded and heart-led? Turns out, yes it is.

Below you can read some of the reasons why I chose doTERRA as the company which I wanted to align with in my business –


Since that day two and a half years ago, I have continued to grow and learn with these potent plant essences and have embraced a spirit of humbleness at the feet of Mother Nature.

I have met, and been taught by, so many outstanding, conscious people, true healers, educators and experts in their field and who freely share their knowledge, understanding + gifts with their oily community.

Through them I am learning the true meaning of passion + purpose and feel utterly inspired by the heart-centred way in which we can thrive + grow together through this work

Below you will find details of my latest offering and one which I am so excited to share.

If you are looking to challenge yourself, increase your capacity for growth, abundance + joy, learn more about nature and your deep connection to it and grow + develop in ways you didn’t think possible, then this is definitely for you.

I am excited to welcome you on board x


The Barefoot + Balanced Mentorship Programme

I have something really exciting to share

As you know, I love to support people in increasing their wellbeing, establishing healthy, lasting habits and beginning the journey to wholeness

For a long time I have been on a deep personal road of healing + growth

But this wasn’t always the case

I spent many, many years of my life struggling with mental illness, self-destruction and negativity. Over the years and with a deeply established set of practices, mindset changes + dedication I have completely turned my life around.

And I want to help you do the same

Blending my two passions + businesses, Barefoot Yoga and Lakes Essential Oils I have created the Barefoot + Balanced Mentorship programme



How to Join

Sign up to a doTERRA account through Lakes Essential Oils.

What a lot of people don’t know is that you can enrol for as little as £24 + the cost of your first oil. It’s super easy to open your wholesale account. Just follow the link by clicking here. Alternatively, we can walk through the process together. Your wholesale account gives you a third off all your doTERRA products for a year. And, there are not only essential oils. doTERRA also offers skin care, top quality supplements and cleaning products so you can begin to swap out all your old, chemical filled household items for pure, sustainable, toxin free alternatives.

There are also some wonderful enrolment kits which will give you a number of oils to get you started. if you opt to enrol with a kit the enrolment fee is included in the price. The kits are a fantastically cost effective way of stating your journey to cleaner living.

ready to jump in? Let’s get you started

You can find the enrolment kits available here 

And you can join my team here



What you will receive

❁ Immediate invitation to the Barefoot + Balanced Mentorship programme via my Lakes Essential Oils private Facebook group

❁ Regular themed Zoom gatherings with me and your oil sisters. Examples of things we will cover in the sessions include meditation, journaling, mindfulness, establishing routine, manifestation, inner child work + moving your body, all designed to help you HEAL + THRIVE

❁ Support to start AND CONTINUE with practices which will help you find your purpose + passion

❁ Rituals + routines to keep you motivated and on track

❁ Accountability + encouragement

❁ Working deeply with one oil each month to increase your knowledge

❁ Build in confidence in working with the oils to support your health + wellbeing

❁ Opportunity to ask all your oil + plant questions

❁ Introduction to new friends + a global doTERRA family

❁ Elena Brower’s fantastic resource, 30 Days of Oils direct to your inbox

❁ Bespoke welcome package



AND, that’s not all. Not only will you have access to the Lakes Essential Oil group, but you will also be invited to join two other outstanding communities –

❁ The Rise + Bloom Essential Collective led by the shining soul, Lisa Pauley. You can find out more about Lisa here

❁ And you will be connected to yoga teacher and doTERRA Presidential Diamond leader, Elena Brower in her wonderful group, Essential Practice. You can find out more about Elena here

There aren’t enough words for what a gift this is to yourself. A true sisterhood of unbelievable, consistent and trustworthy content, gatherings, education, support and joy. These groups are intimate and supportive as well as having a global reach and offering speakers and teaching from all over the world.

This really is a big, ol’ global family and I am so excited for you to join

The time you choose to spend connecting to these groups, the number of gatherings + classes you attend is entirely up to you.

There will be opportunity to set yourself up with a Loyalty Reward Programme with your account so you can purchase oils each month, grow your healing collection, learn deeply and take advantage of the monthly offers. BUT you don’t need to. Once enrolled, your financial commitment is zero! No pressure. No questions. Once enrolled and on the programme, you can simply enjoy the group + the mentoring. Though I are certain that when you see what the oils are doing for others, when you see the MAGIC being weaved in the lives of so many conscious, heart-leading women I just know that you will feel called too.


What could be more important for you + your family than YOU living at your absolute best; healthy, inspired, fulfilled, joyful + whole


It’s time to thrive




Barefoot + Balanced

Helping you put your health + wellbeing at the heart of all you do