About Barefoot Yoga

The Love Yoga, Love Life philosophy of Barefoot Yoga is a celebration of life through yoga, nature, mindfulness, meditation, self-care, friendship, connection and community..

It is an invitation to step back from the busy and the hectic, the fast path, and to slow down and breathe on the slow, leafy, ever evolving path to peace and contentment. It is my aim to support you on this path of growth and transformation, helping you put your health and wellbeing at the heart of all you do.



Barefoot Yoga classes are for anyone who is looking for some respite from their busy lives. I will guide you through mindful, breath-led movement building from the foundations up, embedding yoga fundamentals and correct alignment in a safe, welcoming, friendly environment.

Each fairy-lit class begins with chocolate and a short centring meditation. We then move through a sequence of asanas (postures). These are taught using a staged-approach, ensuring that they are suitable for all flexibilities and enabling you to build a sustainable practice with lots of room for development. We end with a scrumptious savasana (relaxation). I try to offer a variety of savasana experiences; guided visualisations, relaxing body scans and sometimes, simply heavenly music. My aim is to leave you feeling renewed – energised, relaxed, stretched and empowered.



Nobody knows for sure exactly how to date the ancient Yoga Sutras, but they are commonly thought to have been compiled around 200AD. Yoga is described in the second sutra as, ‘..the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.’ This ancient sentiment, arguably more applicable today than ever, is how I approach my teaching. While yoga involves the movement of the body into postures (asanas) that strengthen, stretch and release, the poses are always a vehicle for the real yoga; breathing and finding peace of mind.

Yoga is about balance – balancing the spiritual, physical and mental aspects of your life. Balancing exertion with rest. Balancing strength with softness. Balancing male and female energies. I endeavour to weave these opposing, exciting and often challenging aspects of yoga through all my classes.

However, I think the most important thing I would want to say to anyone who was considering trying out one of my yoga classes is this – Yoga is 100% real-world. Yoga will equip you with transferable skills which will enhance your life and help you better deal with the stress, anxiety and overwhelm which are such common features of modern life. (Please read my blog post, ‘Yoga – Not Just For Hippies,’ for more details on this).



What I need to know –
• Any current injuries, illnesses or conditions which may prevent you from safely practicing
• Any previous injuries, illnesses or conditions which may prevent you from safely practicing
• If you are pregnant


What I don’t need to know –
• Anything else! Specifically, why you are coming to class. That’s your business. Come as you are. Come up front or hide your mat at the back. Hang around and chat at the end or quietly sneak out. Everything is fine with me.


What do you need to bring? –
• A yoga mat, if you have one. I bring mats to class so don’t rush out and buy one. Yet!
• A bottle of water
• A soft, cosy blanket, preferably large enough to cover you completely in savasana
• Comfortable clothes which you can move freely in
• Thick socks to wear during savasana



Please feel free to call me at any time if you want to ask any questions, clarify anything or discuss your individual requirements on 07899 830759 or drop me an email at cat.barefootyoga@gmail.com

Have a read of my blog posts. They will give you more insight into my own yoga journey, my approach and why I love sharing this with people so much.

Use the YouTube icon at the top of the home page to see my online routines. Give them a go and get an idea of my style.

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Thank you for visiting the Barefoot Yoga Kendal website. I look forward to meeting you on a mat soon.
Namaste x